Private Cloud Services

Private cloud offer the power, efficiency, and features of a public cloud, with the security, control, and performance of a dedicated environment. But private clouds are complex to operate. They require experts who understand cloud architecture and know how to upgrade, patch, secure, monitor, and scale a cloud environment.

With a managed private cloud by BMBC, we take care of the infrastructure and management, so you can focus on your core business without taking care of losing data.

Private cloud is best for businesses with dynamic or unpredictable computing needs that require direct control over their environments.

Why Private Cloud

Because is ideal for any organisation that needs to store and process private data or carry out sensitive tasks.

The private cloud model is closer to the more traditional model of individual local access networks (LANs) used in the past by enterprise but with the added advantages of virtualisation. The features and benefits of private clouds therefore are:

Hosting services Benefits

Higher security and privacy; public clouds services can implement a certain level of security, but private clouds can ensure that operations are kept out of the reach of prying eyes.

More control; as a private cloud is only accessible by a single organisation, that organisation will have the ability to configure and manage it inline with their needs to achieve a tailored network solution.

Cost and energy efficiency; implementing a private cloud model can improve the allocation of resources within an organisation by ensuring that the availability of resources to individual departments/business functions can directly and flexibly respond to their demand.

Improved reliability; even where resources (servers, networks etc.) are hosted internally, the creation of virtualised operating environments means that the network is more resilient to individual failures across the physical infrastructure.