A Full View on your Business

Transform your sales by give the priority to your customers' needs. BMBC's tailored CRM solutions give you better business insights for a better and smarter decision. You will be able to engage with every single account, run mass marketing campaigns, seamlesly calculate your ROI and offer a better after sales product support.

CRM for Sales

Take control of your sales process and Start growing in minutes

Visible actions, clear opportunities.We help you to see your pipeline's weaknesses and strengths with unrivaled clarity, to take the guesswork out of what activities are needed to consistently close deals, and stay in total control of your pipeline, forecast with confidence and avoid surprises. Sales teams focused on the things they can control — the actions and habits that drive consistent sales. Make time your friend by increasing sales productivity.

Capture every Sales Lead


Capture your sales leads into a unified platform. Enter your prospects' contact details and information about your sales and share it with your team. CRM gives the ability to make smarter business decisions. All full customer list view will ease the engagement with every and each account. This practice will result in building stronger relationships and business success.

Follow up on Business Opportunities


Avoid surprises by knowing what matters to your accounts and contacts. Identify an opportunity in the assigned leads. Convert the lead into an opportunity and take it through the complete sales cycle. CRM gives you the ability to sort by sales stage status, customer, account, geography ....

Sales Pipeline Management


Sales professionals will be able to measure their sales funnel and benchmark their performance. Opportunities tracked in CRM are tagged by the status that reflects its current sales stage. CRM reports can be generated or graphically plotted to enable the tracking and the sales forecasting.

Team Collaboration


Sell with the assistance of your co-workers. Get every resource you need when you need it. Connect with your colleagues, collaborate and share success stories to accelerate every stage of the sales cycle.

CRM for Marketing

Attract new customers, increase sales, increase customer satisfaction

Some benefits with MarketingCRM: professional perspective on customers (from anywhere and in real time), monitoring, reporting and forecasting (for a quick view into the past and future), automate repetitive tasks (because things happen on time and at a constant quality standard), services with a high level of customization (from first contact to after sales communication), organization of and allocation of tasks on the customer - for entrepreneurs efficient and collaborative teams.

Inovate with Personalized Marketing


Enhance your marketing strategies with more flexibility and targeted information. Extract the information you need, in context, to better analyse your customers, create marketing initiatives, and measure their return on investment.

Prospects Targeting


Identify key market segments and target your prospects with the marketing engine. Leverage on the captured information to better design your marketing tactics. With CRM no effort is placed to communicate with your targets. This will lead for a better interaction with the potential customers.

Leads Tracking


Coordinate with the sales team. Share business insights with them. Monitor the flow of the leads in their sales funnel. Review the pipeline for a proper marketing initiative implementation.

CRM Intelligence


Monitor the performance of your marketing instruments. Measure the performance of different channels. Maximize your wining rate and achieve a better credibility with the sales teams.

CRM for Support

Retain the customers you have

Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than retaining the ones you have. And with us, you can deliver the kind of customer support that builds long-term relationships - handling customer service issues quickly and effectively.You’ll be able to centralize service requests across channels, manage inbound emails, share knowledge throughout the service organization, track incident frequency, and measure responsiveness.

Full Customer Activity History


Exceptional service and support is possible when every team member have full visibility on the customer's account activity. You will be able to understand better the customer's needs from support or help desk.

Expert Collaboration


Information is shared among teams for a better customer satisfaction resulting from a shorter service cycle. Get rapid answers, share documents and videos, and collaborate on best practices across the globe in real time.

Knowledge Base


Deliver smarter service by providing accurate, ranked content across your knowledge base as well as Google, business and technical communities, and social media channels. Empower every customer to get rapid access to the answers they need quickly.

Support & Service Analytics


Dashboards and reports provide real-time information about your customer's support history. Track responsiveness and time to resolution across accounts, teams, and departments, common customer problems and root causes, and overall customer satisfaction.